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Trattoria Dell'Arte

How to get to Carnegie Hall?

There is an old saying; How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice…..

My autenticoitaliano version of this is based on the outstanding italian restaurant just across the street on 7th avenue. Trattoria Dell'Arte focuses on the Comedia aspect of Dell'Arte and turns the kitchen into an art itself.

While the menu may be typical Northern Italian dishes, such as Canneloni and ravioli called tordelli on this menu, the south cannot be forgotten. A lobster seafood risotto and calves liver alla Veneziana might be more Adriatic, but the 14lb. whole mediterranean branzino is entirely from the south, with just the right pinch of salt and sunshine with every bite. Thin crust marinara pizza reminds me of the Antica style in Naples, and even a Spaghetti Carbonara that is creamy from the bottom to the top (a secret is to prepare it upside down, starting with the sauce, then put in the pasta, then turn the entire thing upside down onto another plate, thereby ensuring that the entire pasta is carbonara-ized!)

The antipasti is a special treat, from asparagus tips to artichokes in oil to broccoli rabbe to zucchini parmigiano to caramelized fennel and plenty of frutti di mare. The wine list is reasonably priced, despite the prime location. The interior design is very sophisticated for the Midtown crowd. Just to have a good dinner before or after a Carnegie concert is worth paying extra, but that there is no price gouging, and instead a very welcome "Buona Sera, Maestro." Such is the blessing of the Trattoria Dell'Arte, who chef's make art just as the musicians do across the street, and though I am in the heart of the Big Apple, I feel at cassa dolce cassa, home sweet home.

Trattoria Dell'Arte
900 7th Ave
New York, NY 10019