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Good Fellas, Good Food In Darmstadt

Gourmet Italian is one thing. Good Fellas Italian is another. And both can hit the spot, literally. While in Darmstadt conducting, I had a full week to enjoy this home of German Jugendstil. Instead, amidst the snow and Christmas rush, I spent my time, when not rehearsing or in concert, at Ristorante San Remo, across from my hotel, where Tony and Vito are the regular guys. This is not a social club covering itself with bad pasta and pizza. No, this is the real Mama and Papa kitchen, Sicilian style. Darmstadt has many Italian expatriates, so its no wonder to find something special tucked in this small city. It reminded me of Padua, in Krakow, for its evident mob appearance, but to have grilled langostinos flown in daily from the Adriatic? A pizza layered with fresh spinach and both Parmagiano and Romano cheese? And Penne with broccoli, walnuts and a real gorgonzola sauce, rich and thick with taste? With a Corvo in the glass always full and Italian football on the big screen, this hangout was like my living room for the week. Only the lights were bright, presumably (as in Padua) to ensure noone pulls out a gun. Tony and Vito don't say much, a few grunts and mumbles. But when I leave with a smile on my face, I could see them smile, too. So now its not Ciao, but Ciao, Giovanni. And the only thing better than a good meal is a good meal in good company.

Ristorante San Remo-
Grafenstrasse 22 64283
Darmstadt Tel 06151-20778