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where to find the best italian food outside Italy

Il Pescatore, Bad Kissingen

The cure towns of Germany typically have good restaurants. After all, the clientele are elderly, with money to spend, and most appreciate fine food as a quality of well-being.

Bad Kissingen is no exception. Not only are there fine restaurants, but an international music festival to satisfy the souls of its tourists, not only the bodies While several Italian restaurants are in the city center, to find an autentico italiano ristorante, I had to go a bit outside the city. There, among the lush trees and rolling hills of Franconia is Il Pescatore.

What? Fresh fish in a small restaurant outside a small town in the center of Germany? Yes. And this restaurant, also popular on travel blogs and travel advisor, is a good find. Fresh buffala with aged balsamico. A hearty portion of spaghetti vongole, as rich and seasoned as any I had in Napoli, and a fresh, white spada swordfish steak grilled with lemon and oil. All dishes are served under a French cloche called glosche in German. Very impressive.

I was a bit reluctant to try fish in the heartland, but with a name like Il Pescatore, I let go of my fear and embraced the menu as of it were next to the Mediterranean. Of course, the chef comes from Sicily.

I remember another time in Darmstadt I had fish, the chef also came from Sicily. Here in Il Pescatore, the people next to me were the owners of Gästhaus Cramer. The Chef, Pino, knew them well, and spoke to them in Italian in a dialect difficult to understand. They were German, but their daughter is an Italian translator for a bicycle company. Noone else understood anything, but this kind of authentic Italian is easy to understand: full of life, friendship, sun, sea and smiles. How much more authentic Italian can you get?

Il Pescatore
Am Schonborn 2
97688 Bad Kissingen
+4971 78 56 70 60