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where to find the best italian food outside Italy

Amarone in Krakow

Krakow is a non stop flight from Paris and one of those gems of cities all Americans should know about. Why? It is still thankfully perfectly preserved in its Medieval and Renaissance origins, and there are two things Krakow has that no one else has. The Lady with the Hermine, by Leonardo da Vinci, and Sinfonietta Cracovia, a world class chamber orchestra I have the privilege to conduct. What Krakow also has is some of the best Italian food outside of Rome.

Why? To know its history is to discover that not only were the Italian Renaissance architects the designers of the great Wawel Castle, hence the Florentine resemblance, but also that King Stanislas in the 18th Century married the daughter of Louis XV, thus becoming the Duc du Nancy de Lorraine. So with France and Italy deep in its heritage, its no wonder that Amarone, in the Hotel Pod Roza, with its perfect rabbit ravioli and melt in your mouth homemade tiramisu has become the best and most delicious of choices .

And besides after a performance, who wants to eat Borscht? Or maybe you’d rather enjoy an after concert drink on the rooftop of Hotel Copernicus or in Mezzanine, Krakow’s hottest lounge. With two hundred churches and three hundred clubs and a restaurant or two in between, there’s a dynamic in Krakow that’s sinfully righteous.

Amarone in Hotel Pod Roza