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where to find the best italian food outside Italy

Most Italian of Restaurants : Osteria Due in Hamburg

Since we are on the subject of Italian food, most food lovers would agree that when all else fails in a foreign country, it’s either Gyros at 3 am or Italian food. I prefer the latter. So rather than give you a glossary of where to get the best Italian food outside of Italy, let me just add that aside from Paris and Krakow, the Ristorante Osteria Due in Hamburg is by far one of the most Italian of restaurants not in Italy itself. It is of course, Italian, both in kitchen and owner, but here with an ox meat (Kalbschwanz) ravioli, tuna encrusted with italian herbs, a perfect dover sole, another carpaccio this time with pine nuts and a horseradish sauce, and a venison grilled a la compagna? Indeed, in Hamburg. And there you hear among the din of late night conversation from Princess Ingeborg of Schleswig Holstein with the former Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein Heide Simonis sharing pasta with Daniel Barenboim of the Berliner Staatsoper or Hamburg impresaria Sonja Lahnstein and her husband former Federal Minister of Finance Manfred Lahnstein. Sometimes even the fly on the wall gets to enjoy a bottle of Ornellaia 97.