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Beethoven Symphony 9 with Mas Amiel
by John Axelrod, © 2012

RECORDING: Bernstein (Freiheit- Freedom instead of Freude- Joy) > Mas Amiel Maury

Music that speaks to the soul, saying all mankind should be brothers. A wine that speaks to the soul and should be shared among friends and family. Alle Menschen Werden Brüder is the immortal phrase. But the beginning of Schiller's poem says Freude. Foreveer it is known as the Ode to Joy. When Bernstein, my teacher, performed in Berlin after the fall of the Berlin wall, it was, in his own words, the greatest moment of his life. To sing Freiheit in place of Freude was the apoptheosis of the 20th Century, a moment that summarized all that Lenny himself lived: Love and Freedom. I discovered the Mas Amiel wine while on vacation in the South of France, given to me by a dear friend of our family, corresponding to the same feelings of love and freedom. The joy of sharing, and the freedom to do as we please. Beethoven would have agreed, himself a fan of 3 bottles of wine per day. And Lenny no doubt would have been the center of the dinner party, with glass in hand, telling stories about how freedom changed the world.