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Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde by Wagner/ Alteo Amarone by Gino Fasoli. by John Axelrod©2013

Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde by Wagner/RECORDING- Carlos Kleiber, Stuttgart Oper > Alteo Amarone by Gino Fasoli.

My favorite piece of music and my favorite wine. The music is dense, rich, emotional, structured, powerful, unforgettable. I will never forget this prelude because it is direclty linked to my decision to become a conductor and it is connected to wine. When I was working as the Director of the Robert Mondavi Wine and Food Center in California, I was struggling to decide if I should pursue my dream of being a conductor. One night, after an inspiring conversation with the Mondavi's, I drove back to my guest house under the full moon, with the prelude of Tristan in my head. I stopped the car and turned off the the engine and viewed Napa Valley in all its majestic and peaceful splendor. I had an epiphany. I got back in the car, turned on the engine, turned on the radio and it was the tristan prelude. I quite my job the next day with Mrs. Mondavi's blessing to become a conductor and have been rewarded ever since. Alteo from Gino Fasoli was a similar epiphany, discovered by accident at a Venice restaurant, and after, I visited the winery in the Veneto. Just as the Tristan Prelude changed my life, so did the Alteo change my idea of what a great wine can be. Both are perfect.