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where to find the best italian food outside Italy

John Axelrod is recognized as a leading international classical music conductor, having performed with most of the worlds best orchestras and opera houses. As a result, this lover of Italian food has, during his international travels, sought out the finest authentic Italian restaurants for his own enjoyment.
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When asked by his colleagues and friends, Axelrod enthusiastically began to share his discoveries which led him to write his reviews on his own website and begin this new website AUTENTICO ITALIANO. This passion for wine and food has been featured in such publications as Corriere della Sera, El Mundo and Lufthansa in-Flight Magazine as well as Axelrod's own published articles in Crescendo Magazine.

Axelrod recently published his book, "Wie großartige Musik ensteht oder auch nicht," and is writing a 2nd book about conducting the music of Leonard Bernstein.

Prior to being a conductor, Axelrod was the Director of the Robert Mondavi Wine and Food Center in Costa Mesa, CA. There he became an expert on wine and food, working with celebrity chefs, preparing wine educational seminars and developing his love for food. This background, as well as his profile as a classical music conductor, writer and public artist, frequently featured in print, internet and on television uniquely qualifies him to create AUTENTICO ITALIANO.

As a conductor from Houston who often works in Europe, and as the occasional food critic, I am frequently asked by friends what restaurants I would recommend in some of Europe’s great cities.
John Axelrod