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where to find the best italian food outside Italy

AUTENTICO ITALIANO is the first internet website of authentic Italian restaurants outside of Italy.

AUTENTICO ITALIANO is a user friendly website, elegant and informative, and connected to the social web networks. The site is divided by regions of the world, with reviews for each respective restaurant: Part 1 contains restaurants within Europe and Russia. Part 2 contains restaurants in Asia and the Middle East. Part 3 contains restaurants in the Americas. Part 4 features "the best of AUTENTICO ITALIANO" section: best authentic menu, best authentic decor, best authentic wines, best authentic service, best authentic food.

First, let me share with you one of my impressions of Italy. I have had the pleasure of visiting, and working in Italy over the last 25 years. From the north of Udine to the south of Ravello, from the West of Torino to the East of Bari, from the taste of Parma to the touch of the Como fog, from the pit of San Carlo to the pit of laScala, from the lights of Rome to the mystery of Venice. I love Italy. And I have been able to enjoy its cucina even more.

Ultimately, Autentico Italiano is only an opinion. But I can answer what that means by sharing my thoughts about the Italian language and muscle memory. To correctly pronounce the letters and words in Italian, especially I or C, as in eeeeetaly, the muscles on the face must expand into a smile. The DNA reads this physical expression, and the brain says, Im smiling! I must be happy! Italian food is like the language: full of smiles, sunshine, simple, sacred and sexy. Whew.

An Autentico Italiano restaurant need not be gourmet or trattoria. It need not be in major capitals or in other guidebooks. It can be all of these. It only needs to have that smile.

Typical Autentico Italiano criteria include: Fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, easy preparation and a quick cooking time. How to make something so simple taste so good. What more need be said?

Service can be a big factor. It is impossible to disassociate the pride of the Italian patrone from the quality of his establishment. The value of customer service can easily be taken to the extreme when you're made one of the family. But that is what I like most about Italy. Feeling at home.

The last element of Autentico Italiano is this: Will I remember? Meals can be like music. I remember certain concerts in certain halls and theaters. I remember certain meals in Italian restaurants. When it is truly authentic, I can never forget. Isn't that enough of a philosophical argument?